Next Resident Evil Movie Given Release Date

The sixth, and presumably last, Resident Evil movie has now been given a release date. While an official announcement has yet to be made with the typical vague PR details meant to hype things up, ShockTilYouDrop is reporting that Sony Pictures has given Resident Evil 6 a September 12, 2014 release date.

Likely to be the final chapter for Alice (Milla Jovovich), Resident Evil 6 will probably go out with a bang based on the teaser set-up made in Resident Evil: Retribution since having a super-powered Alice plus President Wesker can only result in the B-movie goodness that makes the Resident Evil movies so much fun to begin with.

Right now there aren’t any details on the film and even Milla Jovovich has yet to go on a Twitter spree announcing or detailing what we can expect from the flick. One can assume that director Paul W.S. Anderson will return to direct the film since it will likely be his last outing in the Resident Evil universe before Sony/Capcom opts to reboot the franchise.

In case you’re baffled by the fact that a sixth Resident Evil movie is happening, the franchise has always been a consistent performer at the box office having raked in over $800 million so far. One of my personal favorites, merely as a guilty pleasure of goofiness, it’ll be interesting to see how the saga of Alice is wrapped up and what additional video game tie-ins Anderson and company will bring into the fold.

Considering the release date set for the film, production on Resident Evil 6 will probably commence later this year; thus making a Summer announcement/info drop likely at the San Diego Comic Con.