Rabid Love Hits The Big Screen

We live in a world in which the next generation will never understand or get the concept of free love. In the Sixties and Seventies you could hump freely with pregnancy and minor STD’s being your only worry. It’s amazing how that generation has grown up into such stodgy old pricks with sticks up their asses.

In any event, on tap right now we have your first look at the Seventies / Eighties inspired flick Rabid Love directed and written by Paul J. Porter for Rogue Taurus Productions and BAR Productions in Association with Open Wound Films.

Director Paul Porter wrote in to let us know some pretty interesting news to boot!

“Rabid Love has secured U.S. THEATRICAL distribution” writes Porter. “This doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to go to just any theater and see the movie, but it does mean that we have signed a contract that adds Rabid Love to the 2013 B Movie Road Tour. This tour will put Rabid Love in at least 90 theaters across the country, mostly in the Midwest, and guarantees at least 200 screenings of the film!”


Hayley Derryberry, Jessicsa Sonneborn, Brandon Stacy, Josh Hammond, and Hannah Landberg star in the indie flick which centers on five recent college grads who get together for one last vacation in the woods during the summer of 1984. Of course something goes violently wrong and one of them is infected with a mad scientist’s synthetic rabies virus.