Hey Guess What The Lost Empire Is Back

Polyscope Media Group would like to thank FILMLOOK for going above and beyond on our re-mastering of THE LOST EMPIRE. We were very pleased that Jim Wynorski supervised the re-mastering with very kind assistance from the wonderful Anna Cordova. Thanks so much for your time and patience. I would also like to thank DOREMI LABS for their sponsoring the resurrection of this film.

After officer Rob Wolfe is killed trying to stop a gang of ninjas from robbing a jewelery store, his sister, officer Angel Wolfe, vows to avenge his death. Her investigation leads her to the mysterious Dr. Sin Do, who is supposedly in league with an undead wizard named Lee Chuck. The doctor is holding a martial arts tournament on a secret island fortress, so Angel, after rounding up some of her martial-artist friends, enters the tournament in the hopes of finding Sin Do and Lee Chuck and bringing them to justice.

A major studio needed to make a movie that would fail in the theaters and in that way would help them to some tax cuts by the end of the year. To achieve this they hired some young guy that had never done a film before and basically gave him free hands to create what he wanted within the little time and funding they gave him. This poor guy was Jim Wynorski and what the studio didn’t expect was the birth of one of America’s biggest and most productive exploitation directors. Jim jumped at the opportunity and filled it with everything he loved from ninjas and killer apes to big tits and explosions. This beautiful mess of a movie ended up actually making a profit in the box-office and started Jim’s career.

Coming Soon to a theatre and Bl-ray near you