The B Movie That Conquered Twitter

Few things in this world are as fantastic and all-around fun as a campy, so-bad-it’s-good B movie. From the crowds that flock to see “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” in droves or those who swear by the ever infamous masterpiece, “The Room,” one would be hard pressed to not find at least one person on their friend list who dabbles in the tacky delights that are B movies. This insatiable love for B movies took over Twitter yesterday with the looming debut of the SyFy channel original film, “Sharknado.”

Syfy channel is not a stranger to B movies; other titles that have ran on the channel include “Sharktopus,” “Mega Shark,” “Mansquito,” and “Mongolian Death Worm.” What stands out about “Sharknado” and separates it from the herd, however, if the way it managed to completely conquer Twitter. The tag began to trend yesterday, and blew up Twitter feeds (and a few other social media sites) across the web. Even celebrities and political officials joined in on the fun, including Los Angeles’ mayor.

This writer gathered with a group of friends yesterday for a viewing party and is confident in saying that the film did not fail to achieve everything the hype brought hope for. Though the SyFy channel’s viewer ratings did not increase significantly, there was enough interest generated for SyFy to announce that they would be scheduling an encore presentation for Thursday. Though, admidst all this joy and hype, we all mustn’t forget to remember that the sharks are the true victims in this film, revealing a deeper meaning, according to writer Thunder Levin, in this wonderful interview (that you should definitely go read, right now, in fact).

“What does it say about humans that when poor displaced sharks are ravaged by nature’s uncaring fury we try to kill them with chainsaws? I think we need to take a good long look in the mirror over that one.”