Jenna Ruiz- Young Star of Gila!

Jenna Ruiz is a young Indiana based actress who is about to breakthrough. As one of the leads in the upcoming film Gila! Jenna steals the scene as she plays, Missy the precocious sister of the lead Chase Winstead (played by Brian Gross).

We decided to ask this young ingenue a few questions about her acting in Gila!.

Jenna, how did you hear about Gila!?

My mom is constantly looking for auditions and came across a casting call looking for girls around age 9. She submitted me and I went to the audition.

Were you nervous?

A little, but Jim Wynorski was nice and put me at ease. He seemed very confident in me and thought I’d be great for the part.

How was it on set?

It was magical and fun! Everyone was super nice and the food was good. I loved every minute! I can’t wait to do it again!

What was your favorite part?

My favorite part had to be working with “Flo”, the horse. She was sweet and got the job done.

Other than acting what other interests do you have?

I enjoy painting and fundraising. I currently am working on two projects. I have a website where I sell one of a kind paintings. I give 100% of the money raised to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. I’ve since combined the website with my acting work in hopes of bringing more awareness to my cause. The other project I’m working on is The D.C. Project. A group of us kids from my bus started it after a boy on our bus was diagnosed with a brain tumor the Friday before Christmas. We were upset and wanted to help. To start, we are selling bracelets. All money raised will be donated to help his family with medical costs.

Where does your interest in charity come from?

I was little and there was a story on the news about a boy who was sick and was being treated in Riley. The next day my friend Lauren and I took a bucket, a yard stick with construction paper and started marching up and down the street. We rang doorbells and in the end collected around $6.00…that was the beginning. My mom always encouraged my giving spirit and later I start J.A.F.S.

We look forward to seeing more great things from Jenna