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Legal Advice Via Hollywood

Normally, Hollywood isn’t the best at depicting reality, but these are as close as they come. Heck, these flicks may even inspire more confidence in your view of the legal profession:

My Cousin Vinny (1992) features a straight talking lawyer (Joe Pesci) who walks you though an outstanding explanation of criminal procedure and what evidence is permitted in court. Many of these same evidence rules apply to other areas of law, like in personal injury cases.

A Civil Action (1998) represents some of the harsher realities of being a single plaintiff taking on two large corporations. The movie also shows what “burden of proof” and related legal jargon really means.

The Firm (2009) explores the dark side of what big law corporations and fiercely competitive environments can really produce. This movie is good for giving you a (rough) idea of how big legal companies can become and what influence they may have.

Philadelphia (1993) is the movie that will make you want to study those LSAT’s. Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington take on a mega-firm after a discrimination and wrongful termination scandal. A great look at how lawyers really make a difference.