Five Quick Questions with Erin O’Brien


Erin’s resume is quickly growing and her performances keep topping the last.  Her exceptional acting is seen in “Jailbait” and her beauty is obvious in “Bikini Spring Break.”  It’ll be exciting to see Erin in her many upcoming films that she’s currently very busy working on.  One being, Jared Cohn’s upcoming thriller “Buddy Hutchins,” which Erin shares more information about below.

“Jaitbait” Trailer

Erin was born in Sonora, California and grew up in New Jersey.  After High school she began taking trips to New York to pursue her acting career. While in New York she studied with renowned acting teachers William Esper and Bob McAndrew. She also performed in a number off-Broadway plays, as well as Independent Television pilots, feature length films, and music Videos.


Five Quick Questions with Erin O’Brien


Many people say working on Jared Cohn films is a great experience and you’ve starred in several of them.  How has your experience been working with him?

ERIN: Buddy Hutchins is about the 10th project I’ve worked on with Jared Cohn. I met Jared working on an Indy horror film called Revenants about 6 years ago. We were both working as actors.  He’s great to work with both as an actor and director for many reasons. Jared is super creative and immerses himself completely into all of his projects. After working with him multiple times there is definitely a really great comfort level and trust there. That trust made my scenes in Jail Bait a lot easier because it was such an intense shoot with very dark subject matter. There is a great freedom in working with Jared. He tells you his vision for each scene, but gives you the room to play with the dialogue and improv. I think that kind of freedom usually makes for a better performance.


How challenging was “Jailbait” due to the violent and racy material, let alone being violent to a costar that’s a friend?

ERIN: Working on Jail Bait was an absolutely amazing experience but also a challenge for many reasons. The character I play is basically the opposite of who I am in my real life. I think everyone has anger and darkness inside of them but Kodys emotions are right on the surface.  She is someone who reacts with out thoughts of consequence. She is very smooth and intense and definitely a leader. I really loved playing her. The hardest scenes in Jail Bait for me were the fight scenes with Anna Nix, played by the very talented Sara Malakul Lane. We became very good friends on this film, and it’s incredibly tough to be cruel to your friend even if it’s just acting. One of the reasons I loved working with Sara so much was because she wasn’t afraid to throw herself into the scene no matter how physical or violent it was. Another tough scene for me in Jail Bait was the love scene with Sara’s character. Its a very racy scene for sure but I do think it made sense to have it in the film.


In the upcoming thriller film “Buddy Hutchins” you’re again working with Jared and Sara Malakul Lane.   Can you tell us about your role in this film? 

ERIN: In Buddy Hutchins I am working again with both Jared and Sara as well as a number of other extremely talented actors I have worked with in the past. Jared also wrote this one. It’s a Dark Film that has a similar tone to Michael Douglass “Falling Down” . The film stars Jaimie Kennedy, who does a fantastic job playing Buddy Hutchins. I was so impressed with His performance.  My role in the film is a smaller supporting role, I play Allison. She is a customer at Buddy’s dry cleaners who adds to his horrific day. Although I only filmed one day,  I spent almost every other day on set, it was such a pleasure to be able to come to set on days I wasn’t filming and see this really cool movie being made.


In the last couple of years you have starred in many films and TV series.  Prior to that you performed in numerous off-Broadway plays and Independent Television pilots, how did you get your start in films?

ERIN: I have been acting for a number of years now and feel extremely fortunate for every part I have ever gotten. It’s definitely been a long road. I started out taking acting classes in my home town in New Jersey when I was still in high school. I would take the train to New York as often as I could to audition or work as an extra. Eventually with time I began booking roles here and there and taking acting classes when ever I could. For me the thing that has helped me the most in this field is the relationships that I have formed with people. I am very grateful to Jared for casting me in so many of his films. I think having good friends and solid relationships in this business is very important.


As a rising actress and your outstanding performance in “Jailbait,” what do you hope to accomplish in the next couple of years?

ERIN: First of all thank you so much for the wonderful compliment. In the next couple of years I just hope to keep working on exciting film projects. I would love to be involved more with writing as well as learn a bit more about the production side of film making too. But for now I just hope to keep getting the opportunity to act. I am thankful for every project that has come my way & I am really looking forward to seeing what the future will bring next.


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