World’s First Zombie Apocalypse Field Guide

Live The Dream Films today announced the release of Zombie Apocalypse Field Guide (ZAFG), an app exclusively for the Apple iPhone.

The Zombie Apocalypse Field Guide is an entertaining compendium of cross-referenced zombie facts and an extensive research source of zombie information for movies, music videos, and games.

“While the question of whether zombies are real is still open to some debate, their impact on our daily lives is not,” say Dr. Jerry A. Smith, one of the three co-creators of ZAFG. Dr. Smith says the Zombie Apocalypse Field Guide has been created in the ‘field guide’ genre as a mobile means to help you identify and catalogue zombies (e.g., genotypes, characteristics, locations, etc.) found in common media sources (e.g., films, documentaries, music videos, etc.). It is generally designed to be brought into the ‘field’ or local (movie theater, home, etc.) area where the use of such information can help distinguish between similar or non-zombie related entities. Dr. Smith goes on to say, “Zombology is field a of study and this is the first of many tools designed to help those who want to both have fun as well as intensify their research.”

As a zombie field guide, ZAFG has been designed to help you distinguish between zombies that may be similar in appearance but are not necessarily closely related. It includes a description of zombies (source, type, intelligence, speed, infection vector, destruction, and field notes), together with an identification image or photograph. It has a list of zombie-related books and texts, movies and documentaries, games, and music. As a scientific field identification reference, Zombie Apocalypse Field Guide contains a full set of web accessible reference materials.

Some of the key features in this initial release are:

Comprehensive guide to some of the most commonly encountered zombies; sortable by type, threat, intelligence quotient, and source
Individualized zombie description, including: source, type, intelligence, speed, creation, destruction, field notes, and recognition image
Create, modify, and delete your own zombies, movie references, music video references, and game references
List of the most exciting zombie movies and documentaries, with links to playable trailers
Compendium of some of the most existing iPhone/iTouch-based zombie games, with links directly to the Apple App Store
Collection of playable zombie music videos
Web access to some of the foremost authorities on zombology and zombie-related information
Excellent collection of commonly read zombie books and texts
All references sharable (Email, iMessage/SMS, and Twitter) with friends