Chainsaw Sally (2004)

“Chainsaw Sally” isn’t your typical straight to video independent horror film. No, not at all. This one actually has something a lot of the STVs don’t have…and that’s heart. Remember when you would watch a low budget horror film and it meant something? Now it’s time to relive those good ole days my friend, cause “Chainsaw Sally” is here.

When I first saw the movie, I didn’t know what to expect. OK, yeah I was hoping for a great good ole B-movie time. What I got was that and something much, much more. The acting, directing, the script, everything was just so well done, I was very impressed. The character of Sally is guaranteed to be a horror icon. When was the last time ANYONE can remember a good horror icon that was female? It’s been awhile to say the least. With Chainsaw Sally you can see the chicks can totally slash just as good, if not better than some of the dudes. Also, I have a great feeling that Sally will be up there with Vampire and Elvira, and that is something of amazement.

What I also noticed is that the film has a WONDERFUL pace! Never too fast, never to slow, it’s just right. Sally is a librarian by day, and a psycho slasher by night…ITS ALWAYS THE QUIET ONES I TELL YA! Also, something I found refreshing was that there was no nudity. Way too many low budget, indie, B-movies rely too much on the nudity and could care less of anything else. Another character in the film that I hope people will notice and love just as much as Sally is her brother, Ruby, played AMAZINGLY by Alec Joseph. Horror fans will also notice the appearance of two genre greats : Gunnar Hansen and Herschell Gordon Lewis! That just adds to the fun and greatness of the film! The film is also very funny, but to me, was definitely more on the horror side.

I wish nothing but luck to the cast and crew of Chainsaw Sally. They did a fantastic job and hope the film gets the distribution it rightfully deserves. “Chainsaw Sally” is definitely going to be a classic “B-movie”, not to mention the status of Sally the character destined to be a cult horror icon. Enjoy the movie, have fun with it. You can tell they sure as hell did.