Night Of The Creeps


Zombies, alien invasion, comedy, and enough exploding heads to keep you entertained for hours; yes Night of the Creeps has it all and is tied together in a nice 1980’s package.The plot is fairly straight forward and just what you would want from a classic 1980’s horror film. Alien brain parasites resembling large slugs enter humans through the mouth and turn their hosts into killing zombies. Carnage ensues and eventually some teenagers catch on and start to fight against them.
The film is a roller coaster ride of over the top gore with axe wielding zombies, heads splitting open with parasites pouring out, people walking around with missing faces, and a blowtorch scene that you will not forget.However, thrown in the mix of this gore filled horror film is a great deal of comedy to show that it is not a film that takes itself too seriously and makes for an enjoyable watch with friends.The film also features Jason Lively, otherwise known as Rusty from National Lampoon’s European Vacation along with a few other notables that you can spot along the way. There are also of course some great catch phrases such as “I’ve got good news and bad news girls. Good news, your dates are here.” “What’s the bad news?” “They’re all dead.”
The ending is also one you will not soon forget and certainly done in a classic over the top 80’s style, but it does end just how you would want it to which is more than can be said for a great deal of modern horror films.This is a film that has developed a huge cult following since its release and it is easy to see why. Not only is it a nostalgic look back to the classic 80’s horror films of yore, but it walks that delicate balance between horror and comedy perfectly as only a few films have been able to do will success.
While the gore may sound a bit intense for some, it is not meant to be over the top and in your face as compared with some modern horror films. Instead it is meant to drive the plot along and is a road bump through the film, in a good way!This is a film that any horror fan must see at least once and what better time to watch this than during the fall season.
Final Verdict: Night of the Creeps checks all the right boxes with a fairly decent plot that is followed through to its conclusion. Along the way there are enough scares and gory moments to keep horror fans interested and comedic interludes to lighten the brevity of the violence. Night of the Creeps is a great and nostalgic look back to the golden age of horror that we had during the 1980’s.
Where can I get it? : Night of the Creeps is another film that is fairly easy to find. Right now it is available for streaming on both Netflix and Amazon. However, if you would prefer a physical copy it is available on both DVD and Blu-ray at most locations where DVD’s are sold, of course you can find it on as well.