The Bikini Carwash Company (1992)

Released in 1992, it doesn’t seem like they make this type of softporn sex romp anymore. Sure there is a plot buried in there somewhere. I believe it has to do with saving a car wash. But since when does a car wash need to be saved like some kind of national historical monument? If you try to make any sense out of this plot it will give you a headache. If you’re watching this movie for the plot, there is probably something wrong with you. If you are watching for the striking visuals in the form of nudity and sexual situations…welcome to a very large club. This movie features skin, skin, and more skin, for once the pictures on the box at the video store do not lie. The film was released with both an R-rated version and an unrated version with, you guessed it, more nudity.

This movie features the beautiful Kristi Ducati, Neriah Napaul (a.k.a. Playboy Playmate Neriah Davis), and several other attractive women using seemingly any excuse to get naked and sudsy at the bikini car wash. Apparently, they figure the only way to save the car wash is to turn it into somewhat of a strip joint/carwash. I believe places like this

actually exist in Florida, but it’s hard for me to believe the employees are having as much fun as these ladies appear to. The acting is uniformly bad, with few of these people having any experience in front of the camera beyond removing their clothing. But this movie is fun, it’s perfect for those times you want to watch a sexy, non-pornographic film and turn off your brain for awhile and just enjoy a wonderful visual experience. This movie does not promise anything it does not deliver; it is not meant to change anybody’s life or the way they think about things.

A sequel appeared the following year that was even better. If you’re guessing that I am talking about improved acting, plot, and cinematography then you are dead wrong. This is obviously not a movie you want your children to be watching…..but don’t be surprised if you catch your husband or teenage son watching this movie or its sequel.