The Big Doll House (1971)

Women in prison. So many films featuring women behind bars desiring to break out. Luscious women in the shower, naked and yearning for the sexual contact of a man. The sadistic warden who makes life a living hell for the girls, and it’s at times a woman who runs the show. The cat fight in the mud or the food fight that breaks out usually resulting in the whole group being punished. The torture sequences featuring prisoners being whipped by a bull dike guard who really seems to be enjoying herself. The planned break out often assisted by outside help. Those who punished and harmed the girls while they were in prison get their comeuppance.

Many of the girls are tough talking, strong willed, incredibly sexy, and( favorite part)push the guys, that do appear, around. I’ve seen quite a few of these types of movies, but can not really consider myself an expert because there are still many staples of the genre I haven’t viewed as of yet. This has to be the sexiest female cast I’ve seen in one of these movies..Pam Grier, Judy Brown, Roberta Collins, Brooke Milles( girl of the film), and Pat Woodell all preparing for a great escape just so they can be free of the sweaty, trashy confines of their Banana Republic prison cell. Christiane Schmidtmer is Miss Dietrich, the tyrannical ruler over the prison and Kathryn Loder is her ruthless head guard with an affinity for acquiring jungle snakes as a torture(..or murdering)method to extract information regarding possible illegal activities or plotting(..she likes to let her hair down when it’s time to whip or pummel a girl). Sid Haig, a prominent Jack Hill regular, has a field day as a food(..among other items of interest)supplier, assisted by Jerry Franks(..who is actually accosted by Collins, who forces him to sex with a knife she confiscated from the kitchen area!).

I will admit that I love beautiful women. Especially, beautiful women wearing merely a raggedy dress that barely covers their panties, revealing their wonderful curves and sexy legs. This movie was more violent than I was expecting, but it isn’t anything worse than what we normally see in today’s cinema containing the damaging treatment towards women. In my opinion you couldn’t assemble a more sexy group of gals to spend 90 minutes with. These were the days when inhibitions run amok and women weren’t as prudish in endowing upon us their alluring naked bodies. I feel like the 70’s featured some of the most stunning women, often barely starring in anything other than a few movies within the exploitation genre, before moving on to other things. I don’t know where Corman and Hill were able to secure so many of these delcious sex pots, but they kept them a comin’. Unfortunately two of my favorite scenes feature a character in a heroine induced bliss, addict Harried prancing around in her cell, as if performing some type of yoga exercise, and the other where she’s showering, making this little giggling sound with her face just lit up.