Night of the Demons 2 (1994)

NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2 has to be without a shadow of a doubt one of the best, most fun sequels to a horror movie ever made! The film starts off immediately, on a really fun note, that sees two travelling Jehovah witnesses slaughtered by the demonic Angela, when they arrive at Hull House (tell me why they thought the pace was inhabited by anything human, considering it’s gruesome history & the fact it’s all boarded up) & then moves onto a Catholic School who’s students aren’t always good boys & girls, especially since it houses lust filled guys who spy into the girls dormitories at night via binoculars, while the girls are changing & the females really aren’t all that different as their just as lust crazed as their male counterparts. The score by JIM MANZIE was pretty well done. Director BRIAN TRENCHNARD SMITH slips into the directors chair & does fairly well for himself, as he is able to build up suspense beautifully & adds a few moments of tension. The acting is really good for the most part, especially for a low budget direct to video flick & thankfully this sequel manages to keep what made it’s 1988 original such a hit, the unnecessary nudity, the bad boy & girl characters, the good kids (of course) tons of gore & great monster make-up & to add to all this, the films comedy is equally as funny, my favourite moment comes early in the film with a sign posted on a tennis court fence “Please Pick Your Balls Up Off The Ground”. The film-makers behind this outing were clearly enjoying themselves & obviously had a ball writing the script, since they come up with some of the most outrageous sequences committed to a horror film, such as a females breasts turning into demonic hands, that melt the hands of a guy going to touch them, a lipstick tube (carried by LINNEA QUIGLEY’S character in the original) brought over from Hull House, releases a parasitic worm, holy water filled water guns & balloons to melt demon monsters in some really gross, blood, puss & slime drenched moments, especially a demon that has it’s head exploding, melted guts & puss, a living room where two demons are being melted down with only half their bodies & arms left trying to piece themselves together, a vicious head lopping, Angela exploding into pieces after being exposed to sunlight & her melting into a huge pile of puss, blood & guts (Yuck!) a demon playing basket ball with it’s own head, a demon raping an annoying bad boy teenager. I loved the characters especially bad girl Shirley (ZOE TRILLING) she was sexy & obviously had so much fun playing her bad girl role, in fact she should have been the one to continue on with Angela in future set sequels (sadly she didn’t). I loved this character! The cast is extremely good looking. ROD McCARY was fun as father Bob (Despite his gory demise, he would later turn up, fully intact in a fun cameo in LEPRECHAUN 3, made by the same film- makers with other cast members playing smaller, different roles), the yard stick wielding Sister Gloria was also a hoot, but the real fun to watch actress here is the returning AMELIA KINCADE in the role of Angela. Kincade plays the role with unholy relish, making Angela a really fun horror icon, it’s a shame really, with all the mentioning by horror fans of their favourite horror icon’s that Angela is hardly, if ever, brought up. Some clips such as Johnny going through a window, Angela levitating down the hall & doors closing & the crematorium, not to mention the evil spirit roaming through the halls of Hull House, are all footage taken from the first film. The film tends to have more plot to it than the first as well by introducing the character of Melissa, Angela’s wall flower sister & how she is trying to cope with her parents suicide, Angeala’s disappearance & the constant harassment by Shirley & some of the girls she shares a dormitory with & Angela’s attempts to entrap her sister so she can sacrifice her to the devil in an act of devotion & sister Gloria’s attempts at saving Melissa from this horrible deed. There’s a few minor problems with the script but for the most part the film works on all levels & really the slight problems here are not important enough to mention. In the end, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2 is a true horror fans delight, it has all the elements horror fans have come to expect from the genre. Best of all, it’s a horror film made by horror fans, for horror fans & that alone is all that really matters. A must see for all true horror fans. Followed by another sequel, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 3