Raw Justice (1994)

An innocent man (Robert Hays), a tough cop (David Keith), and a sexy blonde hooker (guess who?) find themselves thrown together, and on the run with everyone chasing them, including gangsters and crooked cops.

Robert Hays, best known as the star of “Airplane!”, still looks wide-eyed and boyish ten years on, and is well cast as the innocent man. David Keith, a top supporting actor of many memorable ’80s films, only gets to play leads in low-budget stuff like this, and here he seems to be having fun playing an unshaven, chain-smoking, hard-bitten cop to out-macho them all! Stacy Keach is involved too, as a villain.

Now on to the main attraction. Pamela Anderson’s appeal was never complicated, and playing this ‘hooker-with-a-heart’ allows her plenty of opportunities to slip out of her tight top and tiny cut-off denims whenever the action lulls. Naturally, she puts both men through their paces here. The hottest scene is when she gets it on with the cop in an alley-way, and Keith gets to do what every “Baywatch” fan dreamed of: not only pulling up Pam’s top and tasting those ‘fabulous set of tar-tars’, but also pulling down her shorts and licking and gently BITING those shapely buns, which leads on to an impressive if unlikely doggy-style sex scene (where he keeps his pants on, and she’s standing up!) Hays, who Pam actually likes, is treated to some rather gentler lovemaking in bed, while WE are treated to some more great shots of that killer bod.

Pamela Anderson was among the hottest babes of the 90s, but like many Goddesses who ruled the small screen, she never quite made the transition to movie star. However – with exception of her notorious home-made efforts – this is probably her hottest film, and serves as the best evidence to what all the fuss was about.