Nazis at the Center of the Earth (2012)

There are times when the title of a movie alone is so ridiculously over the top that the movie becomes irresistible. You have to watch, just to figure out “what the **** were they thinking?” This is truly one of those movies. In fact, it may be the classic example. I mean, how can you resist a movie entitled “Nazis At The Centre Of The Earth”? And the truly surprising thing about this is that while it’s not good, it’s watchable all the way through. As a matter of fact, the first half of this isn’t bad at all. It’s obviously ridiculous, but then again – so was Nazi Germany, in a grotesque sort of way, and while ridiculous, this actually seems plausible in the sense that it’s something that I can imagine the elite Nazis would have done if possible at the end of the War as they watched their Fatherland be reduced to ruins and rubble.

The story has these elite Nazis escaping to Antarctica, where they establish an underground colony where they continue their plans for world domination, along with grotesque medical experiments that help them to survive all these decades. As I said, that strikes me as something the Nazis would have done if they could have done it. The movie proceeds with a team of scientists working in the Antarctic being kidnapped by stormtroopers and forced to become either accomplices in conducting the experiments or subjects of the experiments. That first half of the movie was actually OK.

From that point on, though, it just became silly – and I mean nonsensically silly. The silliness really began when the medical experiments resulted in Hitler’s head being brought back to life and contained within some sort of robotic body that gave him some type of superhero status, not unlike the robotic suits you see in “District 9” or even “Avatar.” Then there was the whole Nazi UFO creation that was going to release flesh-eating virus on the planet, except, of course, for the “Aryan nations” (although how they were going to prevent it from spreading to the “Aryan nations” was never explained.) I also wondered – apparently the Nazis in Antarctica were getting a regular supply of people for their medical experiments. All things considered, there aren’t that many people in Antarctica, and there are certainly no indigent or homeless people there who could be snatched without anyone noticing. So how is it that no one seems to have noticed that for some years people in Antarctica have been going missing? Curious. And yet, as silly as this movie gets, you keep watching. You know the Nazis will be defeated; you wonder a bit who’s going to survive – so you have to stick with it.