Sand Sharks (2011)

Like others pointed out before me, complaining about goofy CGI or story lines in a movie called ” Sand Sharks” is useless. The basic fact that these kind of movies have these treats for us makes them fun to watch and if you have problems with the fore-mentioned goofy parts this isn’t the right type of movie for you.

I was planning to see this as a doubleheader with 2 headed shark attack, another gem which has roughly the same premise and one actress in common; however my gf objected. We saw 2 headed shark attack yesterday and while she was trying to sink away in the pillow on the couch she murmured that it was like watching a porn movie without the porn; acting and set wise. So I choose to save the Sand shark adventure for today, while I was alone..which was the good choice relation ship wise. Anyway, back to the movie at hand; Sand Sharks.

I am not going to tell you what the film is about, like all ” monster name in title” movies its rather self explanatory. The makers did make the smart move to not show the beasties too much – however, lots of people get munched on- and what we did see was the usual clunky CGI, mostly fins and sharks popping out of the..mmh.. sand ( really, how anybody can resist that with ” Tremors” or “Bloodbeach” in their nostalgia bag I don’t know).

We have the usual town festival on the beach ( ” thousands of kids”; more like 30 extra’s) and we have the colorful figures that run around between the sand shark attacks. And those figures are colorful, we have a guy channeling a Johney Depp impersonation, we have the Robert Shaw derivative with even the exact same way of talking and last but not least..Brooke Hogan as a shark expert. And everyone is in on the joke, nobody takes themselves or the story really serious and the acting – for this kind of movie- is above par. And you need that in a movie like this were there isn’t enough budget to do great action scenes or big set pieces.

And truth to be told, Brook isn’t doing a bad job. I remember seeing asylum movies with 80’s singers like Tiffany that were a hell of a lot worse. She doesn’t have to make room for any Oscars in the near future but she does an okay job ( which she also did in ” 2 headed shark attack”). I mean, don’t get me wrong, nobody is going to believe that she is a shark expert even if her life depended on it but she delivers the lines and on this level movie wise her acting chops are more then enough.

So all in all a good viewing experience, just get into the right mindset, manage your perceptions and you will have a fun 90 mins.