Bethany – Press Release

Leon Russom and Stefanie Estes on set of BETHANY

Claire moves back into her childhood home with her husband. The abusive, traumatic memories of her mother return to haunt her — as her husband becomes busier with work, she finds herself in a fog of memories — as a small figure tries to reach out to her.

Stefanie Estes on set of BETHANY

Bethany stars Stefanie Estes as Claire and also starring are Tom Green, Shannen Doherty, Zack Ward, Felissa Rose, and Anna Harr.

James Cullen Bressack & Tom Green on set of BETHANY

James Cullen Bressack and Zach Ward started up the production company Grit Film Works and immediately began filming Bethany, which recently has completed principle photography.  The film was written by both Bressack and Ward and was directed by Bressack.

Kevin Porter and James Cullen Bressack on set of BETHANYBethany is the first of two films currently in production by Grit Film Works and the other being Restoration starring Emily O’Brien and is being directed by Zack Ward.  Just like Bethany, the film was written by Bressack and Ward.

Special thanks to Film Courage for providing all the photos and these behind the scenes videos.

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