Duel of the Titans (1961)

A good cinematic adaptation from legendary history of Roma founders which joined two Peplum’s two greatest heroes . Two twin brothers , sons of God Marte and Rea Silvia are dropped to the river Arno . They are breast-feed by a she-wolf . One time grown-up , Rómulo (Steve Reeves) and Remo (Gordon Scott) for the foundation of city of Roma fight against the king dictator Amulio (Volpi) ruler from Alba-Longa . Romulo kidnaps a gorgeous princess (Virna Lisi) falling in love , then her father , the King (Massimo Girotti) of Sabinos pursues them . Romulo and Remo arrive in the valley of sevens hills (Palatino , Capitolino..), battleground for warring rival brothers and they confront each other . Romulo will make a furrow , as signal of Roma foundation . Romulo became a King (753-15 B.C) uniting the various slopes ; his successor was Numa Pompilio (Enzo Cerusico) .

This is an enjoyable myth-opera with struggles, love and hatred , tortures and including meticulously battle scenes that convey us a spectacular scenario . Reeves and Scott are perfect as the mythical heroes who encounter pretty risked situations while trying to find a location for foundation a city. The producers originally wanted Steve Reeves to play both Romulus and Remus, but he declined to do double roles and recommended former Tarzan Gordon Scott and the protagonists were both born in the same year – 1926 . Steve Reeves achieved an enormous success as Peplum starring (Hércules , Hercules and Queen of Lidia , Battle of Marathon) but nobody topped him in popularity . Gordon Scott was the second greatest hero , he played as Goliath in various movies and another bouncing characters (Coroliano , Muzio Scevola , Lion of Tebas) . Agreeable screenplay by two Spaghetti Western masters : Sergio Leone and Duccio Tessari . Colorful cinematography by Enzo Barboni (Trinity and Bambino films director). The motion picture was finely directed by Sergio Corbucci (Django) . Rating : Above average muscle-men and better than most epic opera-spaghetti , thanks to Steve Reeves and Gordon Scott .