Bloody Pom Poms (1988)

The plot is rather predictable and you don’t need psychic vision to know what it’s about after seeing the box cover and title. I’m actually going a long way by saying this movie has a plot. After a group of the latest pin up..I mean college cheerleaders (must have all waited quite awhile they looked a day no older then 30) and the token fat guy and Leif Garret (who looks like he spent those paychecks are the nearest bottle of whiskey) get to a camp to compete for some dumb queen thing or blah blah blah, the plot begins to thicken. LOL! Leif Garret instantly starts womanizing RIGHT IN FRONT OF Betsy Russle who is so pilled out and delusional she spends most of her time dreaming utter nonsense of her falling in puddles of mud and mascots dancing around her while you hear “DO IT AGAIN, DO IT AGAIN, HARDER, HARDER”, and do’not let me forget the scene where she sees blood on her face and starts crying “NO, MAKE IT STOP”, and the next shot it shows her calmly doing a cheer to what appears to be one of the most lamest rap songs I’ve ever heard. As this is going on, the cannon fodder or Cheerleaders (take ur pick) back stab, try and act, go topless on many occasions, spit “Hip” one liners left and right “Honey on her muffin”, and also see random shots of them putting make up and clothes on. They all sure want that crown. There’s also a very trampy camp leader who makes it her duty to constantly put these broads down. If the attendance call at the beginning won’t make you laugh, then the scenes where she gets loaded sure will. There’s also other eighties b-movie trade marks such as Buck Flower and raunchy sex humor sleazing the place up.

Eventually the film makers remember their making a slasher and some of the chicks begin to die. One girl is set up to look as if it’s suicide and for the rest of the movie all they recall her as is “that suicide girl”, one bimbo after a side splitting scene of “But do you really care about me” monologue gets garden shears in the mouth, another gets run down with a van, and the token fat guy literally gets his gut torn open with a scythe. After all of this Betsy Russel and Leif Garret decide to have champagne by the fire side and talk about their relationship. WTF is going here?…hilarious.

The gore is pretty basic, though at times will give the awesome goods, like the after effects of the van victim, the guts falling out of the fat guy, the bear trap in the face. It’s all done so random and spuratic, this isn’t a screenplay. More like stoners trying to write and they keep forgetting what their doing. The soundtrack is about as eighties as you can get (You know those little beats that the characters INSIST ON LISTENING TO OVER AND OVER), and the acting is like a high school drama chick play, hammy and cheesy.

This movie isn’t annoying, it’ just pretty stupid but in the good way. It’s a movie you watch at a party and watch all the party goers reactions to it, though I couldn’t see anyone actually watching this alone.