Boardinghouse (1982)

Inheriting a new mansion, psychic Jim Royce, (John Wintergate) decides to rent out the extra rooms to women in the area. Getting recipients in the form of Victoria, (Kalassu) Sandy, (Belma Kora) Suzie, (Tracy O’Brien) Cindy, (Mary McKinley) Gloria, (Rosane Woods) Pam, (Cindy Williamson) and Debbie Hoffman, (Alexandra Day) they all move in together. Thinking that something is wrong, the girls decide to investigate and soon find out about the psychic abilities in between them all sleeping around on each other. Suddenly noticing that now the girls are slowly disappearing, they try to find out what’s going on and realize that a supernatural force has possessed the house and is killing them off one-by-one, forcing them into a battle to take back control of the house.

The Good News: This one doesn’t have a whole lot of good points. The fact that there’s a lot of nudity present is the film’s biggest plus. This one shows off a larger amount of female flesh than expected, and it gives it a sleazy air. There’s a lot of times where they just disrobe for no reason, including the majority of times they’re playing around in the pool or the numerous times that they decide to take a bath or a shower. A sex scene sprinkled in every now and then adds to that factor and altogether this one has a lot of nudity for those who expect that sort of thing. The extended dream chase sequences spread throughout do offer up a little bit of excitement. The main one where they chase the girl around the house using the different visions conjured up from her previous nightmares is pretty entertaining, getting in a lot of rather creepy effects mixed in with a couple of rather impressive scenes. This one has a couple of them spread throughout, although that one will really get the most attention. The last fact is that the gore and kills in here are quite nice. Though cheap, there’s enough blood involved to make it worthwhile. There’s a gory icepick through the neck, being forced to claw their own eyes out, a heart ripped out, being electrocuted when a hair-dryer falls into the bathtub as well as being compelled to bleed from various points on the body. Not really spectacular, but they get the job done for the film.

The Bad News: This one has a couple of really big flaws to it. One of the main ones is that it’s way too long. This one easily should’ve been cut down by at least ten minutes, as this one really feels it’s length and then some. Very rarely does a film feel longer than it really is, and this one nearly feels like it’s two hours long. This is brought on by the very that it’s way too dull, barely doing anything that brings excitement. So rare, in fact, that far too often an interminably long period will go by without the slightest bit of interesting things going on for no reason at all. There’s periods of time where it could go for at least twenty minutes without anything other rather inane conversations between them all. That is something that should’ve been cut down drastically, as it’s way too much time to have to listen to all these really useless scenes since they’re just so dull to sit through and take up a large amount of time. There’s also the fact that this one is really cheap-looking, especially in several areas. The fact that it’s blood and gore look very fake is one thing, as well as the incredibly closed-off look of the house is right among it. That is something which really hurts it, as does the cheesy psychic storyline. There’s nothing in here that really gives it a sense of being used for anything other than a character trait. It’s not used at all until the end and various segments, that at some point the very inclusion needs to make sense. There’s plenty of others that could’ve been included instead that could’ve had an impact on the proceedings. The last flaw is the really lame “violence counter” on display. This pops up whenever there’s something violent about to happen, where the screen will distort to a different color. It’s quite a distraction and it’s done every single time that something violent happens, leading to all of those scenes getting really tiresome. These really lower the film and are the cause for the film’s flaws.