Mutant Aliens (2001)

The plot involves an astronaut who was trapped in orbit due to the nefarious scheming of the “Department of Space,” and who returns to earth with a small army of mutant aliens to exact his revenge. This is mainly an excuse for a lot of spirited animation; the story itself is chaotic.

This film gave me about half a dozen belly laughs with its excessive sex & violence, humorous songs, and aliens shaped like giant noses, eyeballs, and fingers. The film begins to lag towards the end, as the astronaut offers a few retellings of what happened while he was trapped in space, but this is a tight eighty minutes of quality animation. Visually, the film’s strength is not due to any technical precision or revolutionary style, but rather, the sense of immediacy that is only possible when an artist has complete control over his work.

I don’t believe in number rankings, so I’ll just say that “Mutant Aliens” wouldn’t rank as high as a film like Ralph Bakshi’s “Heavy Traffic.” If you want to view some serious animation from an independent filmmaker, this is worth your time. If you’re interested enough to look up this film, I believe the visuals and script will make you laugh.