Willow Creek (2013)

The danger with such movies is to concentrate on style over substance and what this film most definitely lacks, is substance. I must be honest this is a movie style which has never really appealed to me from Blair Witch to Paranormal Activities, my overwhelming emotion is that I was oversold and left hugely underwhelmed.

If you are going to deploy a very limited cast then you need two things, a screenplay which delivers big on tension and genuine moments of fear coupled with a cast which radiates presence. This presence helps reinforce the killer moments in the screenplay and a good screenplay draws on such presence, unfortunately both were in short supply here.

Further if you are going to leave the big moments in the film to ones imagination, the dialogue and scene setting has to be clever,but not so clever that nobody gets it. In Willow Creeks case over ambiguousness killed the cat, or was that the cast, there were more questions than answers in the end, whereas perhaps a sixty/forty split in favour of answers would have been more desirable.

The ending was a baffling mix of the incongruous meeting the indefinable, who was the thick set naked woman? What was propelling the male lead through the forest at high speed and what happened to the female lead? As I said too many questions left unanswered! The pluses for this film were the stunning scenery and a few of the performances from the more subsidiary characters, beyond this don’t expect too much, there are few moments of genuine tension and the moments intended to instill fear, fail to so do!