Avalanche Sharks (2013)

Much similar in concept to the 2011 movie “Sand Sharks”, which was also referenced in this movie, “Avalanche Sharks” is exactly what the name indicates. Well, without the avalanche, and just throw in snow instead. Yep, sharks swimming through snow and eating people. But these are no ordinary snow-swimming sharks, no… These are ethereal man-killers, brought about by ancient native American traditions.

The storyline is simple and straight forward; a bunch of people are enjoying spring break at a mountain skiing resort, when an ancient curse of sorts is set free and spirit sharks are set free to feast on the hapless vacationers.

For a storyline as this, you know what you get, and there are no great surprises here. And of course, it is as outrageous and far from realistic as it can be. But what do you expect with a concept such as this?

I will say that the special effects crew actually managed to pull it off nicely throughout “Avalanche Sharks”. The sharks looked interesting and had some great details, and the effects themselves were good and seems real enough. And that really brought about a great deal of the enjoyment of the movie – as the storyline is a no brainer, and the acting was, well, it was there, lets just say that much…

“Avalanche Sharks” is a movie that is perfect for a lazy day on the couch, especially if you are nurturing a hangover and want to have some simple entertainment that require absolutely no brain activity.

So there has been sand sharks, swamp sharks, ghost sharks, super sharks, sharknados, avalanche sharks, and many, many other types of sharks, so where do we go next? Traffic sharks? Concrete Sharks? Space sharks? Unleash those toothy swimmers, and we, the audience, will be there to watch what is next…