Invasion of the Blood Farmers (1972)

A small band of druids lives in what looks like rural New York where they kill people, hook their bodies up to blood-sucking machines, and mix and match blood till some bizarre blood type is created to bring back the life of their long-dead druid queen. The “farmers” harvest their victims in hotels, bars, and in gardens no less. This film, brought to you by the same brains behind Shriek of the Mutilated, is really very very VERY bad, but is nonetheless fun to watch. It is inspired bad film-making. Let’s talk plot first. The story is ridiculous and has no depth at all. None of the characters are developed. The acting is horrid(no one in the film did anything else except the guy that played Egon). The guy playing the male lead walks through his lines like he is being coached every second. Even worse is the bozo playing the policeman wearing shades and saying his lines with absolutely no conviction at all. The older fella playing Dr. Anderson is bad as he makes excessive gestures with his face, but at least he is earnest about his performance. The worst performance by far though is by some guy playing the druid king or whatever named Creton. He acts more like a drag queen as he barks out stupid mumbo jumbo about bringing his lost queen back to life. A real hum-dinger of a performance! There are some somewhat effective scenes of suspense that lasts a few seconds here and there, but don’t expect any real scares. Instead, sit down and get ready to laugh…laugh…and laugh.