Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS (1975)

ILSA SHE WOLF OF THE SS belongs in the exploitation trunk of legendary films that include the likes of NEKROMANTIK, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, SALO, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and countless others. Fortunately for ILSA I think the movie lives up to it’s hype, even if it is a bit dated, and at times heavy on the cheese.

Ilsa, played by the well-endowed Thorne, is a sadistic mother, in charge of Medical Camp 9 who spends her days performing many torturous experiments on female and male prisoners alike. They either disobeyed orders, talked back, or didn’t pleasure her right (the men) – One man is castrated because Ilsa didn’t reach heights of orgasm that she would’ve liked (???). Anyway, the film continues by showing scenes of torture, after torture, after torture….

It goes on like this for much of the film. When characters aren’t being brutally whipped, boiled, decompressurized, or mutilated in various forms, Ilsa is seen showing off her enormous breasts (many times I might add). Pacing is really hurt during these scenes, especially when a lot of needless talking comes into play. Really, these scenes just become downright dull and boring.

However, the ending was fairly exciting and violent. The gore and make-up is pretty good; that literally half-dead woman was made up quite well. She certainly was a freakish sight that’s for sure.

NOT GOOD by any means, but if you wanna see something that’ll really push the limit….