The Cobra (1967)

The movie starts off well enough with a cheesy rock score by Anton Garcia Abril that leads into a cool psychedelic credit sequence but it’s all downhill from there. Peter Martell, who made a lot of spaghetti westerns, is a less than likable lead; a swarthy brute with John Wayne delivery who’s always getting the gun knocked out of his hand. Martell is Mike Rand, an ex-Treasury agent who, we are told, was discharged from a high security post `for the good of the nation.’ He must be a bad boy, all right.

Rand says `man’ a lot and sweatily muscles his way into bed with the high-class likes of Anita Ekberg. Her name’s Lou and she runs a women’s spa when she’s not shooting up drugs. Ekberg looks pretty darn good for a strung out junkie but she’s not given nearly enough to do here.

The other big star, the one who’s given way too much to do is Dana Andrews. Andrews is Kelly, Rand’s boss, and he’s in on a surprising amount of the action in the film. One wonders why, exactly. Andrews seems pretty deep into the sauce and his boot-blacked hair doesn’t melt away the years the way they thought it would.

To sum up, aside from a couple of bright spots, this is not really a good or fun film. You would have to be in a pretty tight spot to want to spend your time with Mike Rand, man.