Zombie Self-Defense Force (2006)

Well Japan is fairly well-known for some of the really obscure, grotesque and outrageous movies within recent years. And “Zombie Self-Defense Force” or “Zonbi Jieitai” is one of those movies.

I sat down to watch it because it is a zombie movie and also because it was from Japan. I like all things zombie, so that was the main reason for watching it. Plus, I like Japanese movies as well.

The story in “Zonbi Jieitai” is fairly out there. A UFO crashes in Japan and turns dead people into ravenous zombies hungry for human flesh. In the middle of this zombie crisis, is a small group of soldier who end up fighting the zombies. Trapped at a small inn, the soldiers are facing certain doom, and not everyone in the platoon is what they appear to be.

Don’t expect this to really be a serious movie in the zombie genre, because the story, the acting, the gore, yeah basically everything in the movie is so over the top, that it becomes hilarious. It was like watching a live-action Manga. The dialogue was so crazy at times and it was delivered just like in a Manga. And the acting was so out there, so overly dramatic and spoofy.

The gore in “Zonbi Jieitai” was actually quite good at times, so there is something interesting in it for gorehounds. Then on the other hand, there were times when the blood and effects were breathtakingly fake and hilarious to even just look at.

I found “Zonbi Jieitai” to be enjoyable because it was so over the top. Everything was pushed to the extreme, and then just one further step. Remember, when you sit down to watch this movie, take it for what it is, a comical Japanese zombie comedy that is quite Manga-like in its presentation.

Now, the zombies in the movie were rather interesting, especially because they maintained their odd quirks that they had when they were alive. Each and every one of the zombies were really fun to look at, because they all had their own unique personality.

“Zonbi Jieitai” is a very light-hearted and comical approach on the zombie genre. It might just be enjoyable for you if you are looking for something weird and extreme.