Timestalkers (1987)

In Timestalkers William Devane plays a professor with degrees in physics and history and a passion for the lore of the old west who gets to see some of his theories actually come true.

It all starts out quite innocently enough as he and fellow western buff John Rafsenberger purchase a bunch of items at an auction and Devane gets a photograph with gunslinger Klaus Kinsski showing what he believes is .357 Magnum in his holster. He writes a paper on it and that brings Lauren Hutton in from the future. She’s hunting Kinnski down as he’s the number 2 time traveling guy from 500 years in the future, Hutton’s father being number one.

Devane’s got a lot of issues on his own and he joins Hutton in on the hunt because whatever Kinsski’s got planned it’s going to change history in a big way. We do learn of a secret trip that President Grover Cleveland made to the west in 1886 and Kinsski’s going to do something there possibly. By the way don’t dwell on the obvious.

Timestalkers marks the farewell performance of Forrest Tucker who plays a rich western history buff who provides a valuable clue to Kinsski’s intentions.

The film is a far fetched idea with some presidential history that never really happened. No more far fetched than a Three Mesquiteers western of a couple generations earlier where President Garfield secretly goes west and agrees to help the Mesquiteers save their ranch, but his real assassination gets in the way.

Timestalkers is a nice family film and for those who don’t like seeing the laws of time and space violated, it’s OK if Lauren Hutton does it in a good cause.