B Movie Orchestra

Nine men in a dark suit with a black tie noose in a single node and a woman (the other was sick) with a short dress and no panties. B-movie orchestra: a trip along, let’s say, 40 years b-films. If you’re a little ahead of reads in what this band is capable of, then scare you. The following is on the homepage of B-movie orchestra:

“Funky Big Band for psycho-beat erotic thrilling fiction is the musical mash-up or what The B-Movie Orchestra has to offer you. Groovy, raw psychedelic music, funky big band psycho-beat for erotic thrilling fiction would be the musical wrap up of The B-Movie Orchestra has to offer you. ”

Are you still there? Come on B-movie orchestrations: This tricky English text in my reach only a few old hippies and curious. Enter your finally in the Apeldoorn pop temple ‘Gigant’, there are less than 60 people on the chairs! Say your site whatever you have proven Saturday night. Just in Dutch.

Beautiful arrangements, good winds, strong timing, a percussionist where the fun in his work truly from dripping, at times a nice crescendo Hammond Sound or a fat wah wahpedaaltje and a flawless ‘OEH’ and ‘ah’ singing singer. A singer with those funny-like shake, Marylin Monroe. You could see that they are the other “cinematic fever girl ‘was missing.

In the background clips from films like “The good, the bad and the ugly ‘,’ Black Emanuelle ‘,’ Batman and ‘Sexy girls. About latter film said frontman and drummer Baz Mattie “… and here too the music is better than the movie.” This remark was enough to quite a few men in the matter to laugh. I knew the movie, but the song spoke volumes: dozens of naked women jumping in slow motion with their genitals hidden under a huge mop of hair. I digress. This review was shorter and more concise have done: great evening, with ditto music.