The title says it all!  This web series follows actors trying to make it in the film industry. With the abundance of films and shows over the years about making it in Hollywood, THIS FUCKING TOWN has a fun and casual approach that makes it particularly enjoyable to watch. There’s no over-the-top acting or drama and no egotistical characters to hate. It has a real-life feeling to it, as if you’re watching your own friends trying to succeed as actors.  The series is well-written and the comedy is executed in a subtle way, from the actors’ performances to the plot lines to the witty dialogue.

Courtney’s writing is brilliant in that it truly feels like art imitating life.”
Jenny Stumme
(“Tiffany,” in This Fucking Town)

The series was created by writer-director Courtney Daniels, who has also made a relationship comedy called WHAT OTHER COUPLES DO. It’s a movie about four married Los Angeles couples at a dinner party who decide to play Seven Minutes in Heaven, “a kissing game.”  Her film expertise contributed to THIS FUCKING TOWN’s high production quality including directing, cinematography, sound and editing.  Daniels currently is working on her second feature film, about a married couple dealing with midlife crisis.  The film is sure to have some good conflict, drama, and comedic moments.  

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THIS FUCKING TOWN Actors Hari Leigh and Emily Maya Mills, with sound recordist Patrick Joyner in the backseat.


All of the characters in THIS FUCKING TOWN are likable and, as much as you want them to get the roles they audition for, you also don’t want them to because their reactions to rejection are hilarious. One of the struggling actors, Tiffany, played by TV and movie actress Jenny Stumme, tells her ex she recently went for broke in a big audition and she discusses the joy of detaching emotionally from the results. Then Tiffany gets a phone call from her manager, who tells her she lost the big role to an actress she’s been competing with for years. Her response reflects how challenging it is for actors to navigate an industry in which they have little control. Jenny shares about her role as Tiffany, “Courtney’s writing is brilliant in that it truly feels like art imitating life.  Tiffany’s reactions are spot-on with how I feel, instinctually, when I lose out on a big role. But the difference between Tiffany and me is that she has no filter, she’s all just raw emotion! So it was very cathartic to play Tiffany and act out my own gut reactions.”  To keep updated with Jenny on THIS FUCKING TOWN and her other work, go to her social sites:

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Actress Jenny Stumme

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