Club Rat$

Four women go on a mission at dance clubs and it’s not to have a good time and party, but yet they’re there to serve at worthy cause at the expense of predatory men. The short film is entertaining, witty, thrilling, and encourages women to bond against those committing sexual assaults.  

Created by award winning actresses Danene Montella and Jamie Miller and directed by Jeni Jones, Club Rat$ is a dark comedy about a vigilante girl gang who goes club hopping to target predatory men and teach them a lesson they’ll never forget. They don’t just threaten the men, they make sure that everyone is aware of the men’s actions and that they literally pay for it.  These guys won’t arrogantly strut around town like they used to before being put in their place by Scarlett (Jamie Miller), Lil Joan (Danene Montella), Robyn (Lelia Symington), and Millie (Alex Lynn Ward).

Jones’ directing does an excellent job capturing the club’s energy and showing the women as strong, determined, yet outgoing and comical.  They are all likable and the men they capture are laughable since they get what they deserve. Sorry douchebags no one will be giving you any sympathy for what these four women do to you. Definitely take 10 minutes of your time to watch Club Rat$ here

The film was made to bring awareness to the ongoing issue of date rape and sexual assault. For more about the film, how you can get involved, and for information about the cast and crew visit Club Rat$ website and social sites.