So Sweet, So Dead (1972)

One of the things I like in the gialli is their mixture of sex and crime – you can have your thrills and watch at the same time beautiful women with scanty or no dress at all being pursued and killed – their eyes bulge in terror, they scream, their beautiful arms try to defend themselves and finally they lie still …. so sweet… so dead! Very politically incorrect, I know! But we can’t deny that we all have our darker side – personally, in real life, I don’t like violence, but in my imagination many things can happen – I can even fly!

Other attractive thing in the gialli is their sense of improvisation – as they are made mainly on a low budget, many times, friends and relatives are called to act in minor roles, or to work in the crew. This is why “So sweet, so dead” (Rivelazioni di un….) transmits a feeling of spontaneity. Scenes like a party in a house, friends playing volleyball etc. feel natural. There are also some comic touches added here and there and Luciano Rossi gives us his usual dose of weird humor. Women are getting undressed most of the time, and some, as soon as they undress, get killed. I think you already know the plot: A serial killer is murdering all the unfaithful wives in a well-to-do circle.

The final scene is somewhat shocking! It seems to condone the killer’s feelings, if not his actions. If you take the film seriously, you won’t like it. Take the film as it is, with its fast and active camera work, lots of female flesh and thrills, and you can’t go wrong.

Accuse the film of misogynistic or of whatever you want. Explain me just one thing: Why is it that beautiful women from all over the world went to Italy to get barbarically killed in the gialli? Just answer me that. Enjoy!