Women Without Men (1956)

In their quest to nab a spy for the Soviet Bloc named “Nick Randall” (Jim Davis), the American State Department decides to follow his girlfriend, “Angela Booth” (Beverly Michaels) to a secret rendezvous the two had planned a few months earlier. The only problem is that Angela is sent to prison in England for a crime she wasn’t guilty of. Not wanting to tip their hand, the Americans and British resort to desperate measures to make sure that Angela keeps her appointment with Nick at any costs. At any rate, rather than spoil the film for those who haven’t seen it, I will just say that this is a decent enough B-Movie from the mid-50’s which might appeal to those who enjoy action-dramas of this nature. I would also like to add that this film is not nearly as risqué as the movie poster printed during this time might lead a person to believe. Again, one has to consider the time period in which it was made. That said, I rate it as average, all things considered.