Breaker Beauties (1977)

Made by a talented guy from mainstream entertainment dabbling in porn, BREAKER BEAUTIES would fall in the good ole boy genre of the ’70s if it weren’t XXX (and thus pigeonholed as Adult). It’s entertaining if unexceptional.

R. Bolla (his handle: Big Bear) and Wade Nichols are the definitely not Southern types cast as truckers whose misadventures are fairly interesting by genre standards. Much of the action takes place in and around Big Mama’s bar The Pit where country music acts play, giving the show a “real film” aspect (including the appearance of a Johnny Cash imitator).

But it is the sex that matters, as girls ranging from Jean Dalton (as “Floretta Flynn”), Crystal Sync and Veri Knotty to Vanessa Del Rio and Sharon Mitchell handles those chores well.

Musical content is more professional than the norm in porn (including the filmmakers’ incongruous preference for doo-wop) and overall the picture is watchable apart from its XXX content. That’s high praise for projects like these.