The Woman Hunt (1972)

Yet another adaptation of the The Most Dangerous Game (1932) this is more in line with the same years The Suckers (1972) in it’s attempt to spice things up a tad.

Telling the story of a slave ring that captures young women before setting them off into the wilderness to be hunted. So it’s a tweaked version of the original and near identical to The Suckers. The whole think reeks of an exploitation film yet is about as erotic as a fart.

That’s right the movie has little in the way of T&A levels which is I’m sure what most people watching this will be seeking. Instead it merely teases it while delivering a very underwhelming adaptation of a vastly superior film.

I was bored and that doesn’t happen very often. The original tale is about building tension and suspense, whereas here it has neither and just plods along at very underwhelming pace.

Once again I recommend sticking with the 1932 original and if you come seeking nudity and playful eroticism then look elsewhere.