Light Blast (1985)

Lightblast is quite entertaining movie, in the trashy way. It doesn’t promise more than it can offer – it has pretty childish plot, just average actors, characters aren’t introduced and there’s too much car chasing scenes. Still, I love the way Lightblast delivers the action: it’s quite gory and entertaining, like in many other Castellari’s movies too. Action and human melting scenes (that are ripped off from the ending of the Raiders of the lost ark) are definitely best that movie offers. Otherwise it’s just an another nameless B-actionpack. So, if there’s any way you can get hold on this movie (yes, I know it can be difficult) and you like good B-action from early 80’s, this is the movie for you. Lucky for me, movie has been released in Finland at the early 80’s on VHS, otherwise it would be mission impossible to find. Recommended for all trash-movie fans.