Gunhed (1989)

Gunhed is by no means an Oscar contender, but if you are a fan of Japanese Fantasy Films, or even a sci-fi fan, I see no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy it. Though the plot may be a bit convoluted at times, I find that after multiple watchings (at least twice) a lot more makes sense. What you can’t make out of the plot, ignore it and watch the action sequences! A lot goes on with this movie, and it’s some of the better “giant robot/machine” technology I have ever seen. I would like to address a few complaints I’ve heard/read regarding the film:

1. “It makes no sense!”- Remember, this is one of those sci-fi, neo-future, cyberpunk, check your brain at the door films. They can write their own history of technology.

2. “It wasn’t anime!”- No, though the film was released through ADVFilms, which mostly produce Japanese Animation, they have obtained the rights to distribute some live-action Japanese films. If you didn’t like Gunhed because it wasn’t anime, or you only want to see anime, then you may also want to stay away from ADV’s copies of Destroy All Monsters, and the Daimajin Trilogy.

3. “They should have used CGI!”- Keep in mind, this movie was made in 1989. Even the Americans weren’t using much CGI back then!