The Wild Women of Wongo (1958)

This 1950s bad movie classic takes us to Wongo, a tropical place (shot in Florida) where the women of Wongo have trouble with their men. When a very, very handsome stranger tells them about a place called Goona only a few miles away, where very, very handsome men are looking for beautiful companions, they are quick to consider their options…

I think the scene when the daughter of the king pretends to be engaged in a “life-or-death struggle” with a small rubber crocodile must have been worth the admission fee alone, although the talking parrot made me cringe every time… must be on screen every 5 minutes at least. The “leopard skin” jungle outfits of the 1950s are naturally nowhere near what Tanya Roberts was allowed to almost wear in the 1980s, so I wonder how hot “Women of Wongo” really seemed in the 1950s? As far as the male models (the word “actor” would be out of place) are concerned, one of them actually rose to stardom afterwards: Ed Fury became Ursus in the Italian cinema series.