My World Dies Screaming (1958)

As a child this movie always scared the daylights out of my sister and me whenever we saw on TV. In fact, in my mind it has always been *the* horror movie of my childhood. After finally discovering its name and seeing it again decades later, I was relieved to see I don’t have to be embarrassed to admit that. Sure it’s 50 years old, has mediocre acting, and those hokey “subliminal” images, but I still find the situations, especially the woman’s dream, haunting. And, though you’ll probably think you know what the surprise ending is going to be, there’s one or two little twists yet to go. You have to give the filmmakers credit for trying to produce something a bit more psychologically satisfying than the usual 1950’s horror movie did.

Worth checking out if you like thriller movies. Just don’t spend too much on it!