Black Magic 2 (1976)

A hospital is full of patients suffering from mysterious and very icky ailments. A doctor believes that spells might be the cause and tries to convince his wife and colleagues, putting them all in danger from the black magician responsible.

Black Magic 2 starts as it means to go on: in full-on bonkers mode, with a group of topless cuties taking a dip in a river only to be attacked by a unconvincing model crocodile that eats one of the girls. A white magician lures the reptile to its death and cuts it open. Cue the opening credits…

The rest of the film is equally as insane, with plenty of those Hong Kong black magic movie staples, mucus, maggots and worms, plus zombies with metal spikes in their heads, potions made from burnt pubic hair, breast-milk drinking, and eye-ball eating. There’s also a hilariously bad fight in and on a cable car (complete with really dreadful back projection), lots more gratuitous female nudity, and a fiery finale in the evil magician’s home.

It’s by no means a great film—the plot is virtually non-existent—but Black Magic 2 dishes up more than enough weird nonsense to keep fans of cult oddities entertained.