The One Armed Executioner (1981)

eah, We all have seen some of those real good modern martial arts movies and they are all well and good (Like things with Chow Yun-Fat or Jackie Chan) but we must not forget these types of movies–low budget laugh marathons…OK so not many people have seen this neat little Drive in second feature (as in the type of movie that would of played at the local drive in as a second feature for like 10 years…but would of never shown at a big movie theater chain)maybe it’s because the acting is bad (it’s really not Hepburn-Tracy if you get my drift) and the script is so first grade it makes you smile at times…or maybe because the music sounds like something lifted right off “Debbie Dose Dallas” (a.k.a–Porn music)..but this little revenge ditty had something more–A better feel…the effects are so late 70’s–early 80’s it’s unreal…but it really works to the films advantage…like if you get a big movie with big stars you expect something more…with a low budget it’s not expected…but this one delivers for some reason. Maybe it’s all the low key, cheap acting and what seems to be a child written script that makes it one of the funniest (not intentionally…but enjoyable)movies that you can spend a night laughing at (especially “Jason”)while still cheering for the “One-Armed Executioner” himself. The movie was released by Paragon and their the company who always had the same 2 or 3 trailers before each of their features which alone makes it worth the rental price (as in you can really get a good laugh at some of the movies someone bought the rights to and actually promoted)…I got mine for 2 dollars and it was worth every penny because when ever I need some real neat-o low budget fun I pop it in sit back and smile while at the same time cheer for Ortega…You’ve walked past it in the action section a million times…next time try picking it up…You may be surprised!!Happy Watching