Coming Soon – B Movie Podcasts

We’re going to start posting links to B movie podcasts that we think you folks might enjoy.

I’ve been a podcaster since 2005 and for those who might not be aware a podcast is simply an audio recording presented as an MP3 file. You can instantly listen (aka stream) the podcast over the web by clicking on the play button in the blog post where the podcast is shared or you can download the file to your computer or portable MP3 player (aka iPod) for listening at a later time. 99% of podcasts are free so you can subscribe and get new episodes as they are released. iTunes is the world’s most popular podcast directory but podcasts are available on websites all over the web.

Checkout this video for a primer on podcasting…


It’s been said that one of the best things about podcasts is that anyone can do one. However, one of the worst things about podcasts is also that anyone can do one. Therefore, the quality of the podcasts you come across could be all over the map. We’ll plan to share podcasts that we have listened to so we can make sure they are worth your time and that they are from people who are supporters and fans of the B movie genre. That doesn’t mean they will like every movie they review but they will respect them.

We’ll be sharing occasional episodes from several different B movie related podcasts going forward. If you find one that you really enjoy we’d suggest that you follow the link to their website so you can be sure to get all the great content that that podcast has to share.

If you know of any B movie related podcasts that you’d like to see us mention please let us know.

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Kevin Bachelder is the host of the Saturday B Movie Reel podcast.