The World Needs More Talking Cat Movies

The film revives the B-movie genre by embracing the qualities of many 1990 straight-to-video flicks. If you’ve ever pushed a VHS into a VCR, this movie will grip you with nostalgia.

The movie revolves around two families gripped with extremely first-world problems. In one family, the dad is retiring with more money than he could possibly be happy with. In the other family, the mom has to make cheeseballs, which apparently requires absurd amounts of effort. How will these people overcome their highly-relatable woes? Why, through a talking cat, of course.

Actually, while there is a disgruntled cat who magically talks to each person one time, he in no way helps anyone. He tells a teenage girl to look at her computer because a teenage girl would definitely never look at her computer if not for the cat telling her to, right? And that’s about the most helpful the cat gets.

So, if this movie is so lazy and absurd, why is worthy of your time? Because people will be talking about it. It’s the first of its kind to pop onto Netflix without warning. There is a cult mentality already surfacing at sites like this Tumblr page, which micro-analyzes the heck out of the movie with hilarious insight. People are starting to arrange A Talking Cat!?! viewing parties.

Now that you know you have to watch it, there is a plus side – the movie is unintentionally hilarious. For instance, the cat hired for the film is corralled through the use of a laser pointer which is repeatedly captured on the screen. And I won’t spoil the effect, but you will lose it when the cat finally talks.

Set aside 90 minutes and plow through this movie. Then you’ll get it when the cool kids make inane references to cheeseballs, business college and the importance of swimming.