Weng Weng Lives

Australian filmmaker Andrew Leavold is on a quest. For the past 6 years and armed with a camera he’s been on this quest, searching for Filipino cult movie superstar Weng Weng, and shooting a documentary along the way. Now, armed (literally) with a Weng Weng shoulder tattoo and 100 hours of footage and interviews – including what looks like a bizarre encounter with Imelda Marcos – Leavold is ready to cut all his footage down into a 90-minute feature documentary to bring the definitive story of Weng Weng to the world.

Fittingly called The Search for Weng Weng, the doco needs the final funds to get over the line, and has started an appeal on Kickstarter (a name that martial arts star Weng Weng would surely be proud of) to get there. Check out all the information at the Kickstarter page, and if it pleases you, support what looks like a really loving but fun homage to a forgotten movie star. I’ve also included a brilliant hip-hop homage to Weng Weng below, which serves as a snappy introduction.