Do You Love B Movie Trailers?

If you enjoy watching B movie trailers then have I got some DVD and Blu-ray collections for you!

One of the most well known collections is the 42nd Street Forever collection. There have been several volumes released on DVD over the past few years and a Blu-ray edition came out last year as well. You can find them listed on Amazon here.

Here’s a trailer…

Another collection series that came out in the past couple of years that’s getting lots of great reviews is the Drive-In Delirium series. These sets come from Australia and while the DVDs are ‘region free’ they are PAL formatted so they probably won’t play on a standard US DVD player. You’ll need a DVD player than can handle multiple regions. Many US based Blu-ray players can also play these but you’ll need to check the documentation on your player to be sure. You can find the sets from their official source, Umbrella Entertainment, here. These sets are also sold by a few US based DVD websites such as and

Here’s a trailer…

There’s also a Trailer Compilation Database located here.

Kevin Bachelder is the host of the Saturday B Movie Reel podcast.