The Night of a Thousand Cats

The Night of Thousand Cats is an experience. Not unlike the freakish weather we’ve been experiencing over the last few years, this film requires that a number of things align in it’s favor for optimum impact. Working best when viewed with a group of exploitation fans, La Noche de los mil Gatos would be perfectly at home filed under the heading “Theater of the Bizarre”. Rather than parade out the tried and true maxim “so bad it’s good”, understand rather that this movie is “so absurd it’s fun”. Of course the friends you gather to watch this oddball gem need to be of the right disposition. Serious cinephiles need to check their sensibilities at the door, since The Night of Thousand Cats takes liberties with common sense. Viewers will find themselves aghast at the logical leaps and whimsical conclusions which the characters come to. This is all part of the charm. Let’s get to the tale of the tape (cue the American Gladiators theme).