Grindhouse Releasing

Grindhouse Releasing (also referred to as “Grindhouse”) is a Hollywood-based independent cult film distribution company co-founded by director/actor Sage Stallone and headed up by film editor Bob Murawski (who most often works with film director Sam Raimi). Grindhouse Releasing digitally re-masters, restores, and puts together bonus materials and video documentaries for cult film DVDs and Blu-rays which they distribute on the Ryko label.

Grindhouse Releasing focuses on the distribution of rare and little-seen independent cult and “exploitation films.” Exploitation film” is a sub-genre of films that typically sacrifice traditional notions of artistic merit for more sensationalist uses of violence, sex or gore, and where the emphasis is on the style and independent filmmakers’ point-of-view.

Grindhouse Releasing was the first company to digitally remaster and restore cult classic horror films such as: Cannibal Ferox (aka Make Them Die Slowly) and Lucio Fulci’s spaghetti-horror masterpiece, The Beyond (aka E tu vivrai nel terrore) as well as the notorious cult classic, Cannibal Holocaust directed by Ruggero Deodato. The company also did a restoration and limited theatrical re-release of the Sam Raimi cult classic, The Evil Dead.[1]

Grindhouse Releasing has been called the “Criterion” of horror film distribution, employing the highest standards for quality and deluxe bonus materials on their DVD releases