The Zombie King

Contrary to popular belief, Edward Furlong still finds time to make movies.

The troubled Terminator 2 star appears alongside fellow B-movie staple Corey Feldman in the upcoming horror-comedy The Zombie King. You can find the trailer for this low-budget endeavor below.

The film casts Edward Furlong as Samuel Peters, a guy who is mourning the loss of his wife. He soon turns to the world of voodoo in hopes of finding a way to bring her back from the undead. He strikes up a deal with Kalfu, who says he will resurrect Peters’ wife if he agrees to become the Zombie King.

According to the lengthy synopsis on the film’s official Facebook page, Edward Furlong roams the earth with his undead wife and a handful of other recently-resurrected zombies. The government gets involved, a town is surrounded, and an unlikely band of survivors attempt to correct the situation. In short, it sounds like a B-movie.

Although his star doesn’t shine as bright as it did during his youth, Edward Furlong can still be found in a large number of motion pictures. Most of these efforts went straight-to-video, but the guy is still getting steady work.

The actor recently appeared in director Uwe Boll’s surprisingly strong drama Assault on Wall Street. The film tells the story of a man who reaches his breaking point after his terminally ill wife commits suicide. Furlong plays the guy’s best friend in the movie. It’s available now on home video.

Edward Furlong is also attached to the fan-created pilot Star Trek: Renegades. The project was funded through Kickstarter and features a handful of veteran Star Trek actors. The team behind the production are hoping to land a deal with CBS or release the film as a standalone movie.

The Zombie King, meanwhile, doesn’t have a release date in the US. However, apparently it’s available on DVD in Germany, Japan, and parts of Europe. You can find the trailer below.