B Movies Rise Again

As a keen observer of the American psyche, I feel strong that a paradigm shift is about to occur. Large corporations inclusive of film studios and television networks have for the past decade been forcing contrived entertainment down the throats of the American people. The corporations feel that entertainment should be formulaic and is best presented in a loud cash intensive fanfare.

That is about to change. The B Movie Celebration was established to reflect an American sense of individuality and innovation. Occupy Wall street which enjoys a 37% approval rate, indicates that a significant portion of this country is awakening and demanding self definition.

Small movies and small distribution companies will begin to arise. The issue is that the media super powers are attempting to tighten the grip of their hold on the media outlets. The intensity of their grip has shown cracks and outlets are emerging to showcase alternative outlets. The studios are beginning to play with Netflix, seeing how far they can push them. The issue is that Netflix has a 6 billion dollar market cap and even with the resent stumbles, it still has a large market base with 25 million subscribers. Hollywood better be careful not to antagonize it too much, it may decide to reinvent itself.

Roku has a million plus subscribers. 20% of these subscribers have decided to eliminate cable TV entirely from their homes. It’s beginning to make an impact. Something else looms large on the horizon which threatens to make Roku and Netflix look small in comparison.

Smart TV, which is also sometimes referred to as “Connected TV” or “Hybrid TV”, is the phrase used to describe the current trend of integration of the internet and Web 2.0 features into modern television sets and set-top boxes, as well as the technological convergence between computers and these television sets / set-top boxes. These new devices most often also have a much higher focus on online interactive media, Internet TV, over-the-top content, as well as on-demand streaming media, and less focus on traditional broadcast media like previous generations of television sets and set-top boxes always have had.Similar to how the internet, web widgets, and software applications are integrated in modern smartphones, hence also the name Smart TV, internet wired televisions with no outside box are launching worldwide. Samsung feels that 20 million Smart TV’s will ship this year.In 2014 125 million will ship.

This presentation of choice will allow a vast array of new content and suppliers to rise to meet the market. There will be break away networks dedicated to presenting alternative and distinct product sets. These networks will re-define the movie landscape and in it will give rise to the rebirth of genre cinema or B Movies.

Here’s hoping.