Netflix With B Movie Bunk

It’s not a coincidence that those hyper-specific Netflix categories have a seemingly endless supply of options. Pacific Standard has the story of Asylum, a new type of B movie studio dedicated to cranking out cringe-worthy films that look fantastic when displayed next to that month’s A-level blockbuster. The goal is to spend as little money as possible making direct-to-DVD films with sensational plots and buzzword-filled titles. These movies are then sold to companies such as Netflix, Redbox, and Syfy, who happily offer the films regardless of quality. The goal isn’t always to convince users to actually watch the movies, but rather to give each company the appearance of an infinite amount of film choices. When the movie poster thumbnail for Asylum’s American Warships is displayed right next to the blockbuster Battleship, it appears as if Netflix has a plethora of naval war movies to satisfy every possibly lust for destruction at sea.